Nain Leon is a freelance conceptual photographer and digital artist, who was born in Mexico City and currently based in San Antonio, Texas, US. His work focuses on digital photography and digital photo manipulation.

His photos show different places where some characters cohabit. These characters can be objects, animals, humans or himself, and by simple acts they confront their condition at this moment. They live in different and ambiguous worlds, divorced from standards and rules.

The elements that have a role in the image sometimes are removed from their context to make them be a part of a different reality.

This way all the pieces are together within the set, they contrast, complement and unite with each other to compose new worlds.

Nain's work has been published in different Magazines and websites such as FARENHEIT magazine(Mexico), GET Inspired (Netherlands), PHOTOVOGUE (Italy).

He has had exhibitions in Mexico, Canada and USA.



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