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The idea of the installation is to create an experience that awakens the awareness of our actions towards the environment. Through this piece, we seek to reflect and ask the question, how far can the planet endure?
Today, 200 kilos of plastic are thrown every second into the sea, which translates into 8 million tons per year. By 2050 it is estimated there will be less fish than this oil derivative. Similar situations encountered with the use of disposable batteries that give life to our electronic devices but take away the environment. The contamination of the batteries can last around 500 years and a single piece can contaminate up to 600 thousand liters of water.
In this way I can refer to many products for daily use and consumption where personal benefit is momentary, but it translates into permanent damage to the planet.
Daily landscapes of an ignored reality is a window to a not too distant future if we do not reconsider and act on it.


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