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The man with the gray suitcase

17 The shaman's path.jpg

The man with the gray suitcase" emerges as an intimate exploration, triggered by the breakdown of a romantic relationship. Amid the pressure of not wanting to stay at home, I chose to distance myself from my household by requesting the agency I used to work for to assign me away from my familiar environment. Fortunately, my close relationship with the company allowed me to embark on a journey in search of the meaning of my existence and the reconnection with my pre-marriage self.

Throughout various journeys between Mexico and the United States, I managed to regain my self-esteem, confidence, and rediscover love, while also expanding the boundaries of my imagination by materializing images that previously existed only in my mind.

However, with the onset of the pandemic, I found myself compelled to create my own landscapes and journeys. It is here where creativity becomes crucial to continue producing, merging studio photographs with natural environments, giving rise to conceptual and surrealistic works.

"The man with the gray suitcase" stands as a window to my past six years, where artificial light intertwines with natural light, where the real merges with the fantastical, and where the absurd engages in dialogue with the rational. It is a universe where fantasy takes on a real appearance, and reality, an unreal dimension. And you, when do you decide to embark on your own journey?


1 The invisible world
2 Without borders
3 The valley of hope
4 The valley of hope
5 The paradise of lost things
6 The Science of Loneliness
7 The loser of a thousand battles
8 The magic of Universe
9 The dilemma of reality
10 Empty faces
11 Friends
12 The traveler of fantasies
13 Inhabiting the Silence
14 The journey without return
15 Together until the end of time
16 The peace of the storm
17 The shaman's path
18 The end of the road
19 The man with the gray suitcase in search of reason
20 The man with the gray suitcase meets the  time
21 Supreme beings
22 Exploring the personal space of the demon of indifference
23 The duality of consciousness
24 Human Intelligence VS Artificial Intelligence
25 Rejection and acceptance
26 Recognizing the drama
27 A heavenly invitation
28 Connections that go beyond
29 Things from the night
30 Things from Texas
31 The lord of the toads
32 The guardian of the mirror of the gods
33 Walking in the ephemeral, between the forgotten lake and the breath of the volcano
34 The dam of tears and the lost walker
35 The tears of the abyss
36 The walker of dreams
37 The reflection of infinite memory
38 The encounter of two wandering beings
39 The valley of lamentations
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