Plastic humanity

The eyes of time

The hell of contemporary Narcissus

Modern times

A happy world.

The paradise of Narcissus contempora

The mistery of duality

The peace of the storm

The valley of silence

The road

The morphology of contemporary pain



The morphology of contemporary pain

The traveler of fantasies

Discovering a new element

I am a sin

The disjunction of reality

Coup of power

The magic of Universe

The invisible world

The spring of tears

The theater of the absurd

The paradise of lost things

I keep walking

The phoenix from the moon

No borders


The power of dreaming

The sound of color

The witness

Broken love


The death of ego

The shinning

The Gate of Truth

The magician of Titans

Destroying the fear of being able to

Morphology of pain

Ocean of tears

The entrance to never land

Building memories


The hermit

The infinite dream

The sin of breast

The decisive instant

The duck god

The man with the heart of a chair

We were always free

We are the Universe

The world of strangers


The shadow and the scape

The hand of darkness

Light in darkness

The walker of dreams

The object of power

Never alone when I am close to you

The bitter sweet

Theater of illusion

Childhood dream

The weight of truth

Empty head

The truth of being all and notihng

How to face the world?



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